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Sandy Swann

Accounts Payable Manager/Client Communications

Sandy grew up on a dairy farm in Greene County and returned to dairy farming after college.  Sandy got her first pony, aptly named Pal, when she was six years old, and until recently has owned several equine pasture pets.  She also spent 25 years as an office administrator for the former GE Plastics in Selkirk.  Sandy joined the OakenCroft staff in 2006 as the accounts payable administrator and Saturday morning office coverage, giving her something to do during retirement.

Sandy lives in Feura Bush with her husband, Brian, and their dog, Baxter.  Sandy has three daughters, three step-children, 16 grandkids, and 4 great-grandkids.  When not at OakenCroft, she enjoys crocheting, working at her church, and spending time with her family.