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Chris White, DVM

When Dr. White asked his parents for riding lessons at age five, they assumed it was a phase. One horse trailer, two decades, and three horses later, they are starting to realize the horse thing is here to stay! Chris grew up in central Maine, where he would spend his summers competing at barrel races across the state. Horse ownership, from putting weight on a hard-keeper to rehabbing his lame barrel horse, showed Chris that he could turn his passion into a livelihood.

At 18, he moved to Canada where he would receive his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Prince Edward Island. He would also become heavily involved in the PEI horse community. While attending the Atlantic Veterinary College, he discovered his love for not only lameness, but also dentistry, geriatric care, and (most surprisingly) eye problems.

Chris will be moving down to Albany County with his (still off-and-on again lame) Quarter Horse, Copper. Having never lived in Upstate New York, Chris has a bucket list of things to do, including Niagara Falls, wine tasting at the Finger Lakes, a concert at Madison Square Garden, and dining at the Cheesecake Factory at least monthly. If you have any more suggestions, let him know on his next visit to your farm!