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Carlin Jones, VMD

Dr. Carlin Jones began begging for riding lessons at the age of seven.  Her parents gave in six months later, in November, in Minnesota, and she was hooked.  As a military family, the Jones’s moved often but pets and horses remained constants.  Becoming a member of the United States Pony Clubs allowed Carlin to follow her passion across several states, landing in Maine in high school.  Carlin competed in 4 national championship rallies as she worked toward her HA rating.  Pony Club’s focus on management and health care sparked an interest in keeping horses at their best, and at age 14 Carlin set her sights on becoming and equine veterinarian.

While working towards her bachelor’s in biology at Lake Erie College she was introduced to equine reproduction.  Following a pregnancy from insemination to birth inspired her and it became evident that equine reproduction would be an area of intense professional interest.  As a veterinary student at the University of Pennsylvania, Carlin spent summers working with reproduction experts; both equine and companion animal.  Carlin now splits her professional time between general and preventative care and equine reproduction.  Maintaining her first horse Dotty through her 30’s created a special interest in keeping geriatric horses feeling their best, this includes dentistry, managing endocrine disorders like Cushing’s disease and insulin resistance, and nutrition.

Carlin feels very strongly that educating horse owners allows vets to practice better medicine.  To that end, she often speaks at seminars for owners, and jumps at the chance to speak to 4H or Pony Club groups.  She recently spoke at The Equine Affaire in West Springfield, MA on multiple topics.  When not doing any of this, she spends her time with her daughters, Laurel and Lainey, cat Gold, and two dogs, Ginger and Porter.  Laurel’s pony, Ivy, joined the family in 2015.  Laurel also has a small herd of dairy goats that the family enjoys showing. Carlin is an avid reader, a pretty darn good cookie baker, and a so so gardener.