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Kady Meyers, DVM

Dr. Meyers grew up in the small beach town of Gulf Breeze located on Florida’s Panhandle. Kady always had a passion for horses and knew since she was five years old that she wanted to be an equine veterinarian. She started riding horses in middle school, when her parents finally caved in and allowed her to take riding lessons. This lead to her competing  in three day eventing contests throughout the panhandle of Florida and Alabama. Kady began teaching riding lessons as a high school student and continued to do so until she left for veterinary school.

Kady completed her undergraduate degree in biology at the University of West Florida. As an undergraduate student, she worked at a small animal emergency clinic which helped her decide to follow her passion for horses and become an equine veterinarian. She attended the Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. While living on St. Kitts, Kady also began her acupuncture training through the Chi Institute. After completing her veterinary course work, she spent her clinic year at University of Tennessee. Kady is excited to be at ECO as she follows her dream of becoming an equine veterinarian. In her free time, Kady enjoys her own pack of animals which includes Zazu, a lab mix, a corgi named Maverick, her cat Zorro, and her Quarter Horse, Jeep.