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At ECO, we pride ourselves on helping you and your horse reach whatever goals you set, whether it’s being able to go for a nice leisurely ride once a week or winning your next race.  Your horse’s continued soundness for every level of performance is important to us.  We will work with you and your farrier to maintain your horse’s soundness so you may continue to perform at your best.  The ECO veterinarians will work with you to ensure you have all the basics covered, from nutritional needs, dental care, vaccinations, and other preventative measures.  Should the need arise we have the diagnostic tools that are standard to the equine industry available to help determine why your horse is not performing at his/her best.  We also have certified chiropractors on staff.  And we have a working relationship with multiple referral facilities, board-certified specialists, and many of the area farriers.

A Purchase Examination includes a thorough physical and soundness examination. This examination is performed in order to render an opinion as to the current state of the horse and to identify those readily observable shortcomings that this individual horse may possess that would prevent it from performing at a given level.

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