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Subfertile Mares/Stallions

Subfertile mares are those who do not conceive easily, or have trouble carrying foals to term, but are capable of producing foals with careful management.  The first step in working with these mares is diagnosing the problem.  This is usually accomplished with some or all of the following:  palpation and ultrasound, following one complete estrous cycle of the mare, endometrial culture, low volume uterine lavage,  endometrial biopsy, vaginal exam, hormone testing and more.  Once a problem has been identified we formulate a plan to address the issue.  This can range from surgery to uterine lavage, from intrauterine to systemic medications, from careful timing of breeding to hormonal supplementation.  We may even use PRP and stem cells to help these mares.

Subfertile stallions are those who have low conception rates but can be improved with calculated use.  The first step with these stallions is a semen evaluation/breeding soundness exam.  Once a problem is identified we can use techniques such as centrifugation, carefully timed breeding, different extenders and deep horn inseminations to maximize the fertility of these stallions

It is important to remember that while subfertile mares and stallions can be managed, they need to be bred to very fertile horses (i.e. a subfertile mare should be bred to a stallion with excellent fertility and vice versa).

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