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Coggins & Health Certificates

Health Certificates/CVIs are now required to be in digital format and will be emailed to you. Request your CVI online.  

Coggins Test: A lot of people ask, what is a Coggins? A Coggins test is a blood test used to screen for Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). The name Coggins comes from Dr. Leroy Coggins of Cornell University who developed the first accurate laboratory procedure for diagnosing EIA in 1970. EIA weakens the horse’s immune system, is spread by biting insects, and has no cure.  Years ago, EIA was decimating the horse industry, so the government started requiring testing to monitor for the presence of the disease. To this day, a negative Coggins is required to travel with your horse anywhere. In New York, this test is valid for up to two calendar years (it is valid for the year the blood was drawn and the following calendar year).  In Massachusetts, this test is valid for up to one year. Requirements may be even more strict depending on where you are traveling.  Remember, most places also require valid health certificates when traveling from out of state.  Microchip numbers (and registry numbers if you would like) can be added to the Coggins form.

ECO has partnered with GlobalVetLink since 2007 for creating electronic Coggins forms for our clients. This system allows us to utilize digital photographs of your horse rather than relying on our ability to draw all your horse’s unique markings!  These pictures can be used year after year as long as your horse does not change significantly (i.e., develop other permanent markings like a scar or a gray horse that continues to get lighter in color over the years). Another benefit to using GlobalVetLink is having access to your horse’s Coggins even when the office is closed!  NEW IN 2019, WE WILL BE EMAILING YOU YOUR COMPLETED COGGINS TEST FORM

To access your horse’s Coggins, please go to www.myvetlink.com (Global Vet Link’s online portal) and follow the directions found under the Help section. We need to have your email address stored with the Coggins form for you to access the portal so be sure to provide us with your email address when we come to do the blood draw for the Coggins.

Please be aware, once a Coggins test is finalized, it cannot be altered without re-testing (at the owner’s expense).  This includes collecting a new blood sample and pictures.

To be more efficient at your appointment:

  • Know which horses will need to have their blood drawn and their pictures taken, and have them ready.
    • They should be relatively free of mud and dirt and naked (no blankets, no bell boots, and no bandages).

Receiving the results:

  • It can take up to two weeks for your completed Coggins form to arrive in your email mailbox.  Please schedule your appointment early to avoid any possible delays in getting your form.
  • Your Coggins results will be emailed to you–you must provide an email address. You will also be provided with access information for the Global Vet Link’s online portal. Look for an addition email from Global Vet Link with setup instructions. For lost or forgotten login information and/or additional Global Vet Link portal assistance, contact the Global Vet Link Customer Success Team at (515) 817-5704 or gvlsupport@globalvetlink.com

Emergency Coggins: ECO offers an “Emergency” Coggins. We can have results to you within one business day of the blood draw provided you deliver the blood (and paperwork) to the the OFFICE PRIOR TO 2:00 PM for next day results.  This test is available for an increased fee.

Health Certificates:  Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI), more commonly known as “health certificates,” are required for each horse when traveling out of state (or country).  Most horse shows require CVI’s for horses entered to compete regardless of their origin.  Health certificates are traditionally valid for 30 days, although some shows have more stringent requirements (like 72 hours).  For a health certificate/CVI to be written, ECO needs to examine your horse to ensure that he/she is healthy.  We must also have a current negative Coggins test and need the following information:

  • Origin/current location of the horse
  • Owner information (if separate from the origin)
  • Destination-full address with zip code required
  • Shipping date
  • Shipper-who is shipping your horse?  If commercial, address of the shipper
  • Vaccine history, especially since some states/shows require specific vaccines prior to entry.
  • Reason for shipping-such as sale, permanent move, show…

Please note, some states require an entry permit as well.  This necessitates that we call the state offices of the destination state to get this permit number.  For international travel, ECO must send all paperwork to the USDA for prior approval (which takes at least five business days).

Health Health Certificate requests will be processed within 48 hours Monday thru Thursday, provided that the horse has been examined recently. If you need one faster (or on a Friday or weekend day), please call the office. Horses that have not been examined recently will require a visit before the certificate can be processed – please call the office to schedule an appointment.  All health certificates have fees associated with them.  For more information, please call us at 518-767-2906.

Your certificate will be emailed to you; you must provide an email address.

We now have an online request form for health certificates; for more urgent requests, you should follow up with the office staff to ensure we can accommodate your request.  For International Health Certificates/Export Papers (such as to travel to Canada), you need to call the office.  These take longer and have extra processing requirements and fees.