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Health Certificate (CVI) Request Form

Health Certificate requests will be processed within 48 hours Monday thru Thursday, provided that the horse has been examined recently. If you need one faster (or on a Friday or weekend day), please call the office. Horses that have not been examined recently will require a visit before the certificate can be processed – please call the office to schedule an appointment.  There is a fee associated with all health certificates.  International health certificates/export papers (such as for Canada) require extra information, and you must call the office.

Your certificate will be emailed to you; you must provide an email address.

  • A current Coggins test must be completed within 12 months of this request.
    If you have a Coggins from another veterinarian, you must email a copy of this current (within 12 months) Coggins to sm@oakencroftequine.com immediately after submitting this form.
  • Please check with your destination for special health certificate requirements.
  • Each show/event/destination may have its own regulations for vaccines, statements of health, or other requirements. It is the responsibility of the horse owner to know and understand these regulations, and clearly request them on this form when submitting a request for a health certificate. Use the “Add here any other required information for the CVI” section of the form for this information.
  • * (red asterisk) indicates a required field
Email address
Actual street/911 address
**If proof of vaccination is required to be ON the CVI (instead of a certificate or statement provided separately), we need to know: Vaccine name, manufacturer, type of vaccine, lot number, lot expiration date, and date administered. Use the space above to include this information.