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Horses of all activity levels, from pasture pets to top-level athletes, are at risk for lameness. A third of all examinations we do relate to lameness or soundness. These range from foot abscesses to complicated multi-limb issues.  At Oakencroft, we have dedicated ourselves to bringing resolution and healing to horses compromised by lameness.

OakenCroft’s veterinarians have multiple tools available to them to help diagnose and treat your horse’s lameness.  First and foremost, are the people! On a daily basis, we continue to educate ourselves to keep abreast of changes to our profession. ECO has a variety of diagnostic equipment and tools at their disposal to aid in determining why your horse is lame. For a number of years, ECO has worked closely with a number of the area farriers though weeknight meetings and yearly conferences.  All this means that we will work with your farrier should the need arise to keep you horse healthy and sound!  Once we’ve achieved a diagnosis, we will discuss with you all the treatment options.  This may even include cutting-edge therapies or complementary therapies such as acupuncture and spinal adjustments.  If we feel it is appropriate or necessary, we have a network of working relationships with surgeons, farriers, and other lameness diagnosticians both locally and nationally. It has been through all the above that Oakencroft has developed its reputation as a “go to” practice for equine lameness.

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