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Stallion Collection/Semen Evaluation

The ability to cool and ship semen has changed the way we breed horses, and it can allow you to expand your stallion’s breeding opportunities exponentially.  Most stallions can be trained to jump a phantom and breed an artificial vagina in about a week.  If done correctly it can make competing and training a stallion much easier by separating the two parts of his life as much as possible.  We can train and collect all sizes, from ponies to drafts.  Our experienced staff will make sure your stallion has a positive experience and maintains good manners while in the breeding shed.

Once semen has been collected we can evaluate the concentration, motility, and morphology. We will also test cool the semen using different techniques to find the semen’s peak quality. Stallion semen needs to be mixed with an extender to nourish the sperm in shipment.  This needs to be done very carefully to avoid shocking and killing the sperm with an exact formula to ensure the optimal concentration.  Some stallions also need to have their semen centrifuged for it to survive shipment; we have the equipment necessary to centrifuge should it be necessary. Our experienced team can make sure this happens.

Semen evaluation gives you invaluable information about how many mares your stallion can reasonably be expected to get in foal even if you don’t plan to ship his semen. Semen quality can change year to year, so it is a good idea to have an evaluation done prior to the start of each breeding season.

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