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castration_surgeryThere are many procedures we can do right at your farm that are considered surgical in nature. For example, when your horse needs sutures, we will routinely come to you and repair the wound!  Most castrations of young colts can also be done “in the field” under the right conditions.  For those procedures that cannot be done on your property, however, OakenCroft has a small surgical suite as part of their facility.  This includes an anesthesia induction stall that is fully padded for everyone’s safety, a hoist installed on a steel beam track used to help manipulate your animal from the induction stall into the surgery room, and a surgical room equipped with an adjustable surgical table.

We do not have gas anesthesia, nor are any of our veterinarians board-certified surgeons; this means we will refer your horse for the more invasive surgeries such as abdominal cryptorchids, colics, and fractures.  We are quite capable and willing to provide surgical services for relatively simple procedures.  Some surgeries performed include enucleation, closed castration, umbilical hernia repair, fractured splint bone removal (depending on location), and neurectomy.  Should your horse need surgery, never fear!  We will help you decide if your horse must be referred to a specialist or if he/she can come to us!

Give us a call and we will happily discuss the decision with you.